• Gyeonggi’s gubernatorial residence was built in 1967 by the provincial government,and 22 governors have since resided here over a span of 49 years.
  • It is a place with historical significance that evokes the passion and anguish of Gyeonggi's top leaders in governing the region. In its appearance, it expresses the characteristics of modern architecture of the 1960s, and so it is considered exemplary of such architecture. After five expansion and reconstruction projects, Gyeonggi’s gubernatorial residence has been transformed from the living space of governors to a center of regional governance. Now, the place has changed into the Good Morning House and embarked on a new stage in its evolution.
굿모닝하우스의 역사 굿모닝하우스의 역사 굿모닝하우스의 역사
  • History of Gyeonggi’s gubernatorial residence
    • 1967
    • Gyeonggi governor's residence was built (Park Tae-won, 11th Gyeonggi governor)
    • 1984
    • With a banquet hall extension, the facility was enhanced from a simple living space to
       a public space accommodating part of regional governance (Lee Hae-gu, 20th Gyeonggi governor)
    • 2014
    • Nam Kyung-pil, the 34th Gyeonggi governor, takes office and announces that the residence will be opened to the public
    • In 2015
    • Renovation and constructions of the cafe building
    • In 2015
    • The name 'Good Morning House' established
    • In 2016
    • Open of the Good Morning House, new concept in multi-purpose
      cultural facilities with accommodation, banquet, exhibition and community features

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