• Based on openness and sharing, space,culture and history are shared.
  • The place, a symbol of authority for a long time, was formerly unknown. The Good Morning House will open its doors to the public and become a symbol of communication, participation, openness and sharing. There are no particular limitations on the target for the opening. It will be open to residents and non-residents alike.
굿모닝하우스의 역사
  • It will become a focal point for the integration of cultural heritage in the area.
  • It will be a focal point of a wide open space and culture that embraces Gyeonggi's history and the beautiful Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. Perhaps it is a natural mission for the Good Morning House, surrounded by historic sites including the Hwaseong Dulle-gil Trail (registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Seojangdae Command Post (located at the top of  Paldalsan Mountain), encompassing the vista of the fortress.
굿모닝하우스의 역사
  • Gyeonggi's dreams enter the lives of the people.
  • The Good Morning House embodies Gyeonggi's dreams for its people and communities. The Good Morning House encapsulates a vision of a future in which we communicate freely in an open space, create a variety of social values, and grow together. It will be a source of creation for all of us, bringing new energy to normal life and expanding the horizons of culture and art.
굿모닝하우스의 역사

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