Garden Lawn

  • The Good Morning House has a special beauty.
  • It features the background of a tranquil atmosphere from the fortress walls and spreads broadly in all directions via Paldalsan Mountain. By extending and renovating the old residence, the place has regained its natural beauty. Bracketed by two beautiful buildings that face one another, a garden lawn will constantly transform its appearance and serve as a venue for accommodations, exhibitions, dining, performances, and other diverse experiences that will enrich people's lives.
  • Garden Lawn
  • The Garden Lawn offers beautiful scenery in harmony with the surrounding environment. It is the center for embracing the Good Morning House, and it is connected with each space physically and functionally. People gather and explore the Garden Lawn while enjoying new experiences. It will feature various activities and diverse training experiences, and active participation will continue to enrich the area.
  • Cultural and Arts Program
  • - Concerts with Stories: Matinee Concert, Eminent Musician Series, A Midsummer Night's Concert
  • - Live performances
  • - Humanity Lectures
  • - Various other seasonal events
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  • Small Weddings
  • - Beneficiaries: Gyeonggi residents (among couples or parents of both families)
  • - Guests: Limited to 100 people
  • - Venue: Outdoor garden of the Good Morning House
    (ballroom in summer, winter and inclement weather)
  • - Facilities: Outdoor garden, ballroom, outdoor parking lot, bridal room and
    traditional ceremony room
  • - Support: Wedding and sound equipment, and more
  • - how to apply : Goodmorning House submitted plans for marriage through its Internet site of the notice period
  • - E-mail:
  •    ※ Wedding hall decorations, placement of other products, and reception are the couple's responsibility
  •    ※ Fully booked for small weddings in 2016; applications for the first half of 2017 will be accepted from July of 2016

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